Common questions about Oklahoma Custody Battles Cases

Mostly asked questions about Oklahoma Custody Battles Cases

Frequently asked questions related to Oklahoma Custody Battles Cases

The child custody battles cases have become a growing issue in Oklahoma. People have some confusion regarding the legal matters and technical aspect of such cases. Here we will help you to remove your false ideas with the help of several commonly asked questions along with their answers.

How can you define child custody?

Child custody is a legal issue that refers to the rights of parents for taking the custody of their child. This includes the legal rights for making decisions and directing the child towards a better future. Several things can come under this topic like religion, health, schooling, education and emergency cases. Both parents have the equal rights to get the custody and care of their child.

What kinds of options are there?

There are several types of custody under the family law of Oklahoma:

Joint custody: In this kind of care, both parents share all or some of the options that come under the supervision of child. Parents can apply to the court for a joint custody plan of their children. The final decision for sharing all or different aspects will be given by the court.

Sole custody: In this kind of supervision, one of the parents is awarded with all kinds of caring right for their child. This kind of decision usually comes with a right of visitation for one parent.

Split custody: It matters to the case when parents are given split custodies for pair of children.

Birdnesting: This is a very different kind of custody. In this, child lives at one place and parents move to the home of child for a specific period of time. Parents should have a very good cooperation between them regarding this kind of custody.

How the decisions related to custody battles are made?

The court makes decision according to the scenario that is in best interest of child however it may vary from case to case. Basis for finalizing an option by the court may depends on following factors like domestic abuse, history of relationship, races, gender and moral issues.

Does the child get a chance to speak in the Oklahoma Custody battle Cases?

History showed that in such kinds of cases in Oklahoma, court always looked for what is in better interest of child rather than asking them for their desires. In some cases, child above the 12 years of age may get a chance to depending on the condition.

Do I need a lawyer for handling such battles?

The custody battles cases are very sensitive one. You must take the service of attorneys in Claremore Oklahoma for having a better knowledge on such issues.